Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel’s mission is to provide consumers with a fresh and authentic taste of France, every single day.

Our History

In 1966, two brothers emigrated from France to the welcoming province of Quebec. Butchers by profession, on arriving in Montreal they opened a local shop named “Boucherie Parisienne”. Ten years later, having noted the popularity of their country-style pâté, the pair launched the Tour Eiffel brand with this product as its first offer. With this move, the brothers embarked on an exciting journey which would be marked with success at every turn.

Founded in 1976, Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel has built a first-class reputation in the deli meats market. Renowned for its French origins, the brand enjoys strong market popularity for its top-quality product range, which still retains its traditional French identity.

Company Facts and Figures

Every day, more than 200 employees apply their expertise to the production of a range of European-style deli meats in a modern operating environment that includes both artisanal and automated processes. Since the company's inception, its processing equipment has been constantly modernized, which keeps production capacity at its maximum while ensuring optimal quality at all times. Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel consists of two production plants, one located in Quebec City and the other in Blainville, also the site of the company’s distribution centre.

Key Dates

  • 1966 – The two brothers arrive in Canada and open the Boucherie Parisienne.
  • 1976 – Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel is founded
  • 1992 – Bilopage, a part of McCain Foods Limited since 1974, acquires Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel.
  • 1999 – Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel (McCain) acquires two other deli meat producers, Belle Bretagne and Chef Georges.
  • 2003 – McCain purchases the Summersweet Fine Foods brand based in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
  • 2004 – Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel builds a new plant and centralizes its activities in Blainville, Quebec.
  • 2007 – Integration with McCain.
  • 2011 – The brand is revitalized through a new corporate identity.

Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel
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