Innovation is a permanent commitment and an integral part of Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel’s corporate strategy. As a trend-setter, the company satisfies consumer needs by developing leading-edge products with old-fashioned flavour. In the 1970s, it was the first company to introduce Quebec consumers to pâté, becoming both the instigator and the undisputed leader in the production of pâtés of every variety.

The recipes developed by Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel include only carefully selected and controlled meats of the highest quality. The company now offers more than 200 products.

  • Pâtés, mousses and terrines
  • Hams and roasts
  • Delicatessen meats
  • Sauces

With the originality of each of its recipes, Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel can satisfy the needs of every market.


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Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel
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